Palisades High School had its beginning in two small high schools in Springfield and Nockamixon townships.

The Springfield High School in Pleasant Valley opened to students above Weirbach's store in Pleasant Valley in the Fall of 1903. Seventeen boys and girls enrolled for classes in the eighth and ninth grades. By 1914 this school district completed its new high school in Pleasant Valley, a two story, four room building.

In 1945 Durham Township agreed to form a joint school board with Springfield Township School District. From that time the high school students of this township became students of the Springfield-Durham High School.

The Nockamixon Township High School began in the Fall of 1904 in the second floor room of the Revere Grammar School. The school contained the ninth and tenth grades. In 1913, a three year course was introduced; in 1917 a four year course. Until 1921 the ninth and twelfth grade groups held sessions in the Revere Hall, the present Revere Store. After this date all high school classes met in the newly remodeled Revere Grammar School. Finally in 1930 the Nockamixon High School, still standing in Revere, was put into use.

When in 1945 Bridgeton Township planned to close its one room schools, the board decided to send its seventh and eighth grade students to the Nockamixon building and to form a jointure with that township board.

Following the 1945 session of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, the school districts of Upper Bucks County agreed to form joint school boards to cut down the excessive cost to taxpayers of operating schools as single districts, and to provide the greater benefits to all that such a jointure would make possible.

The townships of Tinicum, Springfield, Durham, Nockamixon and Bridgeton entered into discussion of a jointure plan in 1948 the four districts of Bridgeton, Durham, Springfield and Tinicum organized the Palisades Joint School Board, and in 1950, Nockamixon Township entered into the plan to form the district as it exists today. These districts studied the best consolidation plans, and their meetings culminated the present school set-up--Palisades High School. Future chapters of this colorful history will be written by the students of the new Palisades High School.