Class of 2024 News

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Welcome to the Class of 2024 News page. 
My name is Mrs. Carole Scoggin and I am Mr. Heffernan and Mrs. Schlosser's Secretary.
I created this page so that our current Graduating Class will have access to Senior news and updates throughout the school year. 
Senior year goes by very fast and it is my job to keep you on task with all the little details that lead up to Graduation so that you can savor every morsel of your Senior's exciting year!! 

The biggest projects I work on with the Seniors is:
Senior Awards (May) and Graduation (June). 
As the tasks grow or events pop up that are directly related to these two major projects, I will communicate with the seniors and/or their parents/guardians. 
 If you talk to previous classes that have worked with me, meeting the deadlines for portraits and caps and gowns is crucial. 

I promise to keep you on task and I am always here to help. 

Happy Day and if you need anything...let me know!
I can be reached at 610-847-5131 ext 2004 and [email protected]

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Senior Class of 2024 "to do" list:

SUMMER 2023:  Start Booking your headshots once you get your packet, which will be mailed out the 3rd week of June
1. August-October:
 Please continue getting portraits taken.  We need 100 percent headshots photographed.  Please reach out to Christmas City for an appointment.  
2. November: caps and gowns info given out at the Senior meeting: TBA
3. December: all caps and gowns must be ordered. Last minute headshots need to scheduled. Transcript request form filled out.  FYI:100 percent ordering is a must for caps and gowns and are required for in person Graduation in June.  

4. January  The Diploma Legal-Name Confirmation letter was given out to all seniors and is due to Mrs. Scoggin via email or student will drop off to my office.  All information is in the letter. Thank you for getting these back to me ASAP

5. February: work on college applications, guidance meetings to review progress in classes and get any needed college recommendations from your counselor and/or teachers.  This is a quiet month for tasks but stay focused on your classes and try not to get Senioritis!
6. March: This is our catch up news. Enjoy the quiet month to do all your work for Graduation!  So proud of you all!!!
7. April: Senior Awards online Application: Link sent to seniors on TBD

8. May: Senior Awards Ceremony: TBD
9. June: GRADUATION!!!!  Hip Hip Hoorayyyy this is your day! TBD