Working Papers


Guidelines for Assigning Working Papers

  1. Students requesting working papers will download and complete the electronic permit application from the PDE website Application for Work Permit.  Students unable to access the electronic application should email Mrs. Miller at [email protected] to request an electronic copy.

  2. The student’s parent or legal guardian electronically signs the PDF or paper application 

  3. The student attaches any required documents, such as a proof of age document, to the completed application and submits it to Mrs Miller.

    1. If applying electronically, the student may attach digital copies, such as a scan or digital photograph.

    2. If dropping off paper application at school, the student should include photocopies of the required documents.

    3. If an applicant is unable to provide a required document with their application, they can present it to the school district issuing officer at the next stage of the process. 

  4. The student and parent can either forward the completed application to Mrs. Kelly Miller at: [email protected]. or the student can come to the main office during school hours and give everything to Mrs. Miller in the main office

  5. Mrs. Miller will assign the working papers within 24 hours of the request and mail the work permit to the student’s home residence.  Work permits cannot be issued electronically. 

  6. The student signs the work permit when received and shows it to the employer, who makes a copy for their records. The student retains the original work permit. DO NOT GIVE ORIGINAL TO YOUR EMPLOYER

  7. Please visit PDE’s website for more information.

If a student or guardian has any questions regarding the aforementioned process, please email our main office secretary, Mrs. Kelly Miller at: [email protected].  

updated 4/20/20